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What You Need

Tools for Successful Online Students
A computer
Reliable Internet access
You should be familiar with general computer usage and have basic computer skills in order to participate in online courses. Your computer should meet the following requirements for our online management learning system (Edvance360):

Minimum Requirements

Firefox or Google Chrome with Javascript Enabled
Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft Office

Suggested Requirements

Enabling Javascript for Firefox
Enabling Javascript for Google Chrome
Windows Media Player
Quicktime Player

Required for taking tests or viewing content that implements BrowserLock:
Windows BrowserLock Installer
Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8
Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.5

Be sure that you view the Help page on Edvance360 to assure you are meeting current technological requirements.

Internet Access

You need to have dependable Internet access and be comfortable with navigating the Internet.  Familiarity with using internet search engines is also a valuable skill for research and writing assignments.


When you register for classes, Bethel College will issue you an email account. You should know how to compose and check emails including how to send/receive attachments. You will also need the capability to download and view items like PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and other like formats.

Written Communication

Having the ability to communicate via the written word is especially important for online students. You will have different interactions than you would in a physical classroom, but online students have more time to carefully craft responses and ensure that their messages and assignments are clearly understood. To further this purpose, you should be familiar with Microsoft Word.


Bethel College uses Edvance360, a socially integrated, user-friendly platform that allows you to access your classes from anywhere, at anytime. This virtual classroom makes it easy for you to view all of your course materials, grades, discussion forums and exams. It can also push information to your mobile device. You will be given login access to this platform when you are accepted in the program.


When you are admitted to the program, you will be given login to OASIS, our Student Information System which allows you to register and manage accounts entirely online. Pay tuition, check grades and transcripts, and update any personal information safely.


You won't have someone standing over you reminding you to turn in assignments on time. Students who do well online are good at managing their time, not procrastinating or trying to finish work the day of a deadline, and completing both study sessions and assignments independently.


You will need to assure that you have at least 6-9 hours per week for each three-credit course you are taking.  This includes online time (normally at your convenience), studying, writing papers, and taking tests.

Library Resources

You will need to become familiar with the Bethel College library web pages and the resources available in our library.  In your first semester of class you will be enrolled in a non-credit Library Resources/Information Literacy class, which will equip you to use the resources available in our library.