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What does BSL tuition include?

Housing and meal plan, Bethel College Courses (12 credits per semester) books, travel expenses, activities, supplies, iPad and mission trip (foreign or domestic)

When does it start?

Students are able to enter the program at two different points, Fall (August) and Spring (January).

Do I need a car?

BSL students are not required to have a car but a car would be convenient to the student due to off campus housing.

How can I pay for my tuition?

Students are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid to help pay for their tuition.

Do I need to have a passport?

Yes, you need to apply for your passport prior to starting BSL.

Is there an age limit to apply as a BSL Student?

Students ages 17-25 are eligible to apply.

Do you have to enroll in Bethel College as a BSL Student?

Yes, students are enrolled as full-time taking 12 credit hours per semester.

As a first year BSL Student, can I date?

No, the first year is designed for spiritual growth and we believe that's done best with no dating distractions.

Do I have to do all four years of BSL?

No, students are encouraged to complete at least two years of BSL. Students are eligible for a third and fourth year by invitation only.