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Can I take my entire program online?  Do I need to come to the Hampton, VA campus for anything?
You will not need to come to campus for anything.  Your degree is completely obtained from your home.

Are online courses open to on-campus students?

Yes.  On-campus students may take online courses as they choose.

Are Bethel College online degrees accredited?

Bethel College is fully accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).  View accreditation.

How much will my tuition be?

Tuition & Fees for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:
$250 per college credit or $50 per audit credit
$50 Student Activity fee per semester for on-campus student
$50 Technology fee per semester for online student

How do I order my books?

Bethel College does not operate a college bookstore.  The textbook list for each semester can be found on the Bethel College website: You order your books from whatever source you choose.   You may choose to order your textbook from an online source, you may choose to rent your textbook from an online source, or you may procure from a local bookstore. If you choose to order from an online source, you may want to explore,, consumer affairs textbooks, or google “textbooks” for a listing of several sources. Students may have a choice of ordering electronic books, hardback books, or paperback books from these sources. If you choose to rent from an online source, you may want to explore,, or google “rental textbooks” for a listing of several sources.  Normally, renting books are less costly than purchasing books.  Remember, rental books must be returned to the vendor, while purchased books are yours to keep for your library.

Will my diploma say I completed my program online?

Your diploma will be exactly the same as if you completed your degree on-campus. It carries the same value as any college degree.

How do I apply for online degree programs?

The application process for online degree programs is the same as for on-campus degree programs.  The process is started with an application.

What are online courses like?

To access classes, online students log in to Edvance360 using their Bethel College login.  Edvance360 is a delivery platform that allows students to navigate to each class' announcements, syllabus and schedule (with links to download audio, video and assignments) in addition to discussion boards and student groups. In many respects, it's similar to an on-campus course, but you decide when to log on and view the virtual classroom information.

Do online classes meet at a certain time?

Online courses are asynchronous.  This means that there is not a set time where all students in a class are expected to be online.

Are online classes harder than on-campus classes?

Online and on-campus courses require the same amount of work.  There is no academic difference----both are rigorous and challenging.

What do I need to do if I am accepted into the program?

You will receive a letter and email indicating your acceptance into the program.  In this correspondence, you will be provided login information to both your OASIS (the student records account) and Edvance360 (the online learning platform).  You should log into your OASIS account and assure we have your current email and assure your password is changed to your particular selection.  Also, you should log into your Edvance360 account, assure your profile is correct, change the password to your selection, and review the tutorials and manuals to become familiar with the system.  At least one week before the semester begins, you should daily monitor your Edvance360 account for the posting of your courses.  Once your courses are posted and the semester begins, start with the week one module.

How will I interact with faculty if I have a question?

You will be provided with your instructor’s email and phone number on each course syllabus.  In addition, the Edvance360 Discussion Forum will include a discussion forum dedicated to questions to the instructor and responses from the instructor so that every student can see the student’s question and the instructor’s response.

How will I interact with my fellow students?

For each course, Edvance360 will allow students to have email contact with all other students in the course. Also you will be communicating weekly with other class members in your weekly discussion forums and in some courses you may be collaborating with fellow students in virtual small groups, wikis and blogs.