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Christian Character & Conduct

The campus of Bethel is a community of Christ-centered individuals who embrace the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the core values of Bethel are: authentic spirituality, a Christ-centered world-view, character development for ethics in life, servant leadership, academic and professional excellence and cultural sensitivity.

Since members of this faith-based community have voluntarily chosen to be a part of it, all students are obligated to a code of scriptural and community standards and behavior.

As a Christ-follower and member of the community of Bethel:

  • I will practice spiritual disciplines.
  • I understand that attendance at chapel services and participation in Christian Service is mandatory.
  • I will pursue academic integrity.
  • I will respect the dignity of all persons and highly value the diversity of the body of Christ.
  • I will respect the rights and property of others.
  • I will discourage bigotry, slander and gossip among the members of the community and will refuse to engage in such behavior.
  • I will avoid using alcohol, narcotics, tobacco, or other intoxicants either on or off campus premises.
  • I will avoid all sexually immoral behavior.
  • I will resolve conflict according to the model in Matthew 18:15-20.
  • I will honor the servant-leaders who watch over this community and cooperate with their leadership.
  • As a representative of Christ, I will demonstrate compassion for others and a passion for the lost.

To review the Christian Character & Conduct policy click here for the Student Handbook.

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